Friday, May 25, 2012

Identity Theft Protection - Fri May 25, 2012

Alberta Privacy Commissioner Makes Room for Human Error
It was held that a teacher's reassessment of educational experience, which identifies a teacher's educational and employment experience, is low-sensitivity information and insufficient to lead to potential identity theft.

Disaster tips: Avoiding identity theft
While tragedies bring out the best in some people, they also attract predators that are willing to steal or even sift through anything left behind for items they can sell or use for identity theft. There are a number of papers you need to protect from ...

Market Rates Insight's New Integrated Study on Service Fees Reveals "Lifestyle ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Those new services have a higher perceived value and promote greater consumer loyalty such as credit score monitoring, identity theft alerts, mobile banking services, personalized couponing services, person-to-person payments, and other services.

Do You Know What “Smishing” Is & How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of It? Live
Sometimes, it seems like you can't do anything today without worrying about becoming a victim ofidentify theft. Seriously. If you log onto a computer, check your email, and scan through your Facebook feed—and spend five measly minutes doing it—you ...

UnitedHealthcare warns Medicare members of data breach
The company says it will offer one free year of identity theft protection to anyone who may be affected. The company has set up a communication line at (877) 298-2341 for those with questions or concerns, or for help obtaining the ID theft protection .

AV Free document shredding, e-waste event Saturday May 19th - Soka University ...
Aliso Laguna News
In an effort to protect residents from identity theft and provide a free public service, the city will host a Document Shredding /Identity Theft Protection and e-waste event on Saturday, May 19. The city is giving community members an opportunity to ...

Intel Launches New Generation of Secure Processors
eSecurity Planet
Announced this week, the new Intel vPro chips boast tighter integration with Intel's McAfee security technologies and include security enhancements to help businessesprotect against risks such as identity theft. The new processors are designed to .. providing comprehensive answers for you and your family on issues regarding Identity Theft.


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