Saturday, April 28, 2012

Identity Theft Stories - Sat Apr 26, 2012

Workers at Wrigley accused of stealing card info
Belleville News Democrat
She says identity theft is a significant threat in Illinois. Last year, more than 3200 identity theft complaints were filed with her office. Our rules: Do not post anything that could be taken as threatening, harassing, obscene, libelous, ...

Will ID Theft Insurance Shield You From Fraud? | Fox Business
Identity theft affects millions each year. ... Related Stories: Freak Cases of Identity Theft · IRS says federal sweep against identity theft targets 105 people in 23 .

Trey Radel Shuts 'Domain-gate,' Will Give Up Websites
Sunshine State News
"When I was first informed of the identity thefts by Friends of Trey Radel Inc., I requested that Mr. Radel return the identities to their rightful owners." Kreegel added, "We must rise above the tactics used by the left and address the problems facing ...
Young children more at-risk for identity theft
More and more children are becoming victims of identity theft. But, they may not realize until years later.
Top Stories - Group Protests Proposed Water System Takeover
RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina's jobs service is warning about a mistake that could expose the nearly 8000 employers and people claiming unemployment benefits to identity theft. The state Division of Employment Security said Tuesday the problem is ...
IN THE HEADLINES: The Real Cost of Tax-Related Identity Theft ...
One of the biggest identity theft stories so far this year has been about fraudulent tax returns, and the unexpected surge in fraudulent tax returns being submitted ... providing comprehensive answers for you and your family on issues regarding Identity Theft.


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