Thursday, March 29, 2012

FTC Identity Theft - Thu Mar 29, 2012

Identity Theft Awareness Event
Did you know as many as 9 million Americans will have their identities stolen each year? That an estimate from the Federal Trade Commission and it's the reason one college in the east is holding a seminar to help you protect yourself.
National fraud ranking unwelcome
Larimer and Weld counties find themselves in the alarming position of being among the top areas in the nation for identity theft, according to the Federal Trade Commission. While computer fraud seems to have increased the problem, such thefts occur ...
What to Know About Credit-Card Debt Collection
In fact, reports of deceptive debt-collection tactics were the second-most common complaint (after identity theft) that the FTC received in 2011. "Debt collection is complicated, and some collectors may push the boundaries of the regulations and law to ... providing comprehensive answers for you and your family on issues regarding Identity Theft.


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